Just over a year ago I found CK9 and decided to take agility classes/privates with Ann so
that my little mischief-making Norwegian Elkhound Anna would have something to do other
than bother her brother Parker! This was the start of a journey I could never have
anticipated! Exactly 6.5 months to the date of Anna's very first trial, we earned our AX and
AXJ in a QQ! Now we’ve been trialing for just over 10 months and are a couple of legs away
from our MX and MXJ and we’ve earned an amazing 178 MACH points already!!! Ann has
been THE most supportive and encouraging trainer I could have asked for! As an elkhound,
Anna is independent (translation stubborn) and there were many obstacles to overcome in
our early training. There were sniff parties, there were many zoomies, and then there were
times when Anna would literally just yell at me for asking her to do things multiple times that
she didn't feel like doing! Anna is my very first agility dog and I just can't believe how quickly
the skills Ann has taught us have been rewarded at trials! So, I raise my imaginary Mike's
Hard Lemonade to an amazingly supportive, caring, yet tough trainer . . . I thank Ann for
preparing us & more importantly, for believing that we could do it!!!

Lisa Anne Zilney & Anna
February 2012

Update February 2013  Lisa and Anna are now MACH ADCH Anna!!
Testimonials from our Students
"I have trained dogs since 1978 and have worked with a variety of instructors. Ann Scripko has
been a breath of fresh air for me and my new Doberman. She has a world of patience for her
students and an eye for detail. Ann is able to meet the needs of all of her students, whether
they are training for titles or looking for an  OTCH. She has a knack for knowing what each dog
needs, and believes that all dogs can work regardless of their breed. I am thoroughly enjoying
both my obedience and agility classes and recommend  Ann Scripko for every student, with
any breed of dog."

Patti Nicholson and Madison

"The unspoken understanding, the eyes brimming with love for just me - that's the joy
of dog ownership.  I have an 11 month old, well-behaved and beautifully trained Labrador
Retriever - yes, that is possible - but only with the work and dedication of Ann Scripko
of Clever K9 Dog Training, who showed me how to train my wonderful Maxie, to love her
correctly, and who changed my life forever."

Amy Gentile and Maxey

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ann Scripko for her wonderful teaching skills
In the past 2 months my son Mike has had the opportunity to compete at 3 high pressure
agility events. Junior Nationals,Invitational's, and Westminster. At 17 years old he
performed with confidence and a well thought out plan. Not one of these venues
presented a challenge that he was not prepared for.
Leading up to these events, Ann prepared Mike and other competitors who were
attending. She taught them the specific skills needed to perform and WIN. Most recently
she prepared the competitors heading for Westminster. She made it her business to
make sure our dogs were prepared for the environment, and she made sure we knew
what to expect.
Ann has trained Mike and I exclusively from the very beginning. She is always patient and
kind. Ann takes great pleasure in watching her students succeed. She has a gift for
training dogs, that is true, but her true gift is teaching people.

Thanks to you, Ann, the Borga family has been on one wonderful ride.

Nancy, Mike, Mikey, Kasha, Mitsy, Kairos and Nova