You Can Now Pay for your Class, Private
Lesson, Match Show or Rentals,  Online with
PayPal.  You can use Visa, Mastercard,
American Express or your Checking Account.
Competition Obedience Class 6 week session  One Dog (Comp
Obedience, Rally, Freestyle)  $130
Competition Obedience Class 6 week Session Second class  in the Same
Session for the SAME DOG  $105
Agility  w/ Ann - Class 6 Week Session One Dog   $145
Agility  Class 6 Week Session Second class for the SAME DOG
same session  $120
Pet Training Class 6 Week Session (Beg/Adv Beginner Obedience, CGC, TDI, Puppy
Kindergarten and AKC Star Puppy classes)  $150
Show Handling 6 WeeK Session  $105
If you enroll your dog in One class, you pay the full price for that class.  (See class
schedule for fees)  If you sign the same dog up for a Second competition Obedience, Rally
or Agility  time you use the
Second class payment option.  (does not apply to show handling
or Pet Training classes or Mini Sessions) For Example:

FIRST CLASS :Fideo Wednesday Night Canine Good Citzen Class  $150
SECOND CLASS SAME DOG:Fideo Thursday Night Agility class $125 ( instead of $150)

You must still submit a class application online and release form to enroll in
Class.  This may also be sent via email or snail mail

Click Here for Class Application
Please Note:  Classes are $5 more per session when paying by PayPal

Obedience Classes

Agility Classes

Pet Training Classes
Show Handling Classes
Match Shows and Seminars
You Must email your match entry form in addition to paying here. email to
Obedience Match Entry  $11
Agility Match 2nd Entry same dog  $6
Ring Rentals and Private Lessons
4 Week One Hour Rental With Heat or A/C $165
4 One Hour Ring Rentals with out heat or A/C $125
One Hour Agility or Competition Obedience Lesson w/ Ann  $70
One Hour Behavior or Pet Training Lesson  w/ Ann $80
One hour ring rental w/ heat  $43
One hour ring rental without heat or a/c   $33
Gift Certificates
$75 Gift Certificate
(Total cost is $78)
$50 Gift Certificate
(total cost $52)
$25 Gift Certificate
(total cost $26)
$100 Gift Certificate
(total cost is $104)
Nosework classes Second class for SAME DOG same session $110
Nosework classes 6 week session $135
Agility Class w/ Mike  $140
Attentiion class II or III after $40 depoist was Made