Ann Scripko's very popular Attention Class is now available online!  Have you  been wanting to
join this class but unable to due to work and other obligations?  Now you can!  The Online class
will consist of three six week sessions.  Taking you from the starting point of teaching stationary
and moving attention.  Attention games, impulse control, drive building and life skills.  We will
progress all the way thru teaching all of the foundation for Novice obedience.

This class is great for anyone looking to improve their dogs focus in obedience, rally, agility or
any sport you want to do with your dog.  Have attention and novice obedience skills as your
foundation makes not only a wonderful companion in life, but a dog that can work in distraction
locations, off leash in the sport you want to compete in.  We teach the dogs to offer more effort
for reward, and how to progress to offering that effort in the ring and bringing the dog you have
in training into the ring.

Each week videos will be posted on Wednesday on how to perform and teach your dog the
xercises assigned for that week.  You  will also receive written instructions.  You will then have
the week to practice and be able to interact with other students in the class for discussions.  Your
that you wish to be reviewed  will be due on Mondays for review on Wednesday.  On
Wednesday we will discuss your progress, receive new instruction on items that may need more

required items for this course:

Dog should be 6mos or older
-Facebook account
-4-6 foot thin leash
(leather would be best)
-training collar


-capability to upload your videos to the facebook page if you wish to have them
reviewed.  This can easily be done on your phone.

Working spot $140
Audit spot $100

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Clever K9 Online Attention Class
w/ Ann Marie Scripko