Martha Windisch

Martha Windisch CPDT-KA CNWI and owner of Personalized Dog
Training LLC has been involved in training dogs for over 20 years.  
Through her in-home business, she teaches pet owners how to better
communicate with their dogs.  Martha is a Canine Good Citizen evaluato
r and also trains Home Companion Dogs and does Service Dog follow-up
through the Division of Developmental Disabilities Self-Directed Services
Program.  She currently has five Golden Retrievers, Spring, Clue, Sobey,
Ghetty and Melt.  She competes with/trains her Goldens in obedience,
rally, hunt tests, agility, tracking and K9 Nose Work.  Her various Goldens
through the years have earned hunt test titles up to MH, obedience titles
including UDX and 98 OTCH points, tracking titles including TDX, rally
titles up to RE, and agility titles up to AX and AXJ.

In 2010, soon after the “California-developed” sport of K9 Nose Work ( came to the east
coast, Martha decided to attend an Intro to K9 Nose Work seminar to check it out.  She has since then attended
additional K9 Nose Work seminars and instructor training courses, attended a Nose Work class with a Certified
Nose Work Instructor (CNWI), volunteered at Nose Work Trials including the first K9 Nose Work Trial held in New
Jersey, passed the ORT (Odor Recognition Test) for birch with two of her Goldens, and attained the designation
of CNWI.  Martha’s Golden, Spring has earned her NW1 title and Sobey is ready to compete in NW1 - she
passed a mock NW1 trial at the PA Nose Work camp.  
From her childhood game of teaching her shepherd-collie mixes to follow looping hotdog trails to a piece of
hidden hotdog, to her AKC tracking experience and working with a friend whose German Shepherd was being
trained for search and rescue, plus the find-the-hidden-toy games her Goldens love to play at home, she knows
that dogs love to play games using their amazing sense of smell.  She likes that Nose Work can be taught both
inside and outside and unlike tracking does not require large fields.  She also likes that Nose Work requires no
prerequisite training, can be played either for fun or with the goal of competing in trials, is good for old dogs (i.e.
dogs that are retired from other sports), young dogs (a great way to socialize a puppy and teach a fun game that
can be used for life), dogs that need to build confidence (hunting games are great confidence builders) and for
dogs that need an energy outlet (Nose Work is a great energy outlet due to the problem-solving the dog has to
Martha teaches K9 Nose Work at Clever K9 because she enjoys helping students discover the new sport/activity
with their dogs.  She also enjoys helping students learn to observe their dogs’ sometimes subtle body language
while finding the hidden scent.

Lisa Anne Zilney,

Ph.D.I live to teach! I hold a Ph.D. and am a college professor who has become passionate about teaching
humans and their canine partners as well! My classes focus on positive reinforcement and fun to build a
relationship within the agility team. I have experience training the “non-traditional” agility dog to a highly
successful agility partner, and can help you excel with the partner that you have and make the most of your
agility team. I compete in AKC, USDAA, and UKI.


My Novice A dog is a now 7.5-year-old Norwegian Elkhound named Anna. Anna was born in a PA puppy mill
and later surrendered to breed rescue. I adopted her at 5 months of age, and she joined another rescued
elkhound named Parker in my home. At about one-year-old, I enrolled Anna in her first agility class with Ann
Scripko to channel some of her puppy mischief. It was love from day one for both of us! We have been
competing in agility since 2011 and have exceeded all expectations I initially had for this little mischief girl!
While we struggled with sniffing and zoomies, and lack of motivation at times…all of these have made me a
better partner, and a better trainer! We have achieved numerous Elkhound “firsts” and have created
Elkhound history on many fronts!  

Some of Anna’s major accomplishments include:
2012 #1 Norwegian Elkhound in the AKC Invitational Calendar Year
2012 Youngest and First Rescue Norwegian Elkhound to earn the MACH title2013 First Norwegian
Elkhound to earn the ADCH title2013 #1 Norwegian Elkhound in the AKC Invitational Calendar Year
2013 Top Norwegian Elkhound at the AKC Invitationals
2014 First Norwegian Elkhound to earn the PDCH-Bronze title
2014 First Norwegian Elkhound to earn the LAA-Bronze title
2014 #1 Norwegian Elkhound in the AKC Invitational Calendar Year
2014 Top Norwegian Elkhound at the AKC Invitationals
2014 2nd Place USDAA Canadian Regionals, Performance Biathlon 16
2014 2nd Place USDAA Canadian Regionals, Performance Versatility Pair
2014 2nd Place USDAA Canadian Regionals, Performance Speed Jumping 16”
2014 Norwegian Elkhound Minutemen Association Specialty, High in Trial Award
2014 USDAA Top 10 Performance Snooker Dog 16”
2015 First Norwegian Elkhound to earn the FTC title
Due to a rehabilitated shoulder and back injury, Anna is retired from AKC agility, but slowly working on
finishing her PDCH-Silver and LAA-Silver in USDAA. She is the most accomplished Norwegian Elkhound in
USDAA history!

GHF’s Southern Comfort AX AXJ XF HSAs AD IND CGC

I am currently involved in a new adventure with a Border Collie I adopted in March 2015 from Glen Highland
Farm. His name is GHF’s Southern Comfort…Tennessen. Tenny has been a whole other type of agility
training challenge for me…which is exactly why I adopted him! While I was used to Anna’s stubborn attitude
and her “talking back,” and her agility honesty, Tenny has a work ethic like a stereotypical Border Collie
(love that!), but he is sometimes a tad too eager! He also has a much different stride than my little pretzel
elkie, which is a big learning curve. Tenny started to trial AKC agility in February 2016 and UKI and USDAA
in May 2016. He has amazed me on all fronts and as of October 2016 is already in Masters in all venues!
As my Novice B dog, he benefits from the fact that I am much more laid back than I was with his sister! In his
spare time, he herds sheep and duck…his instincts at work!

Tennessen is starting his list of accomplishments young
:2016 TitleMania Starters Standard Dog of the Year
2016 TitleMania Starters Jumpers Dog of the Year
2016 TitleMania Starters Gamblers Dog of the Yea
r2016 2nd Place USDAA Canadian Regionals, Biathlon 26

”I don’t believe in regrets in life…it’s too short…but if I had one, it is that I didn’t find agility sooner…I really
missed out on years of fun and amazing bonds with previous furry friends!