Rene Mac Bean

Bonding with your canine companion is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Maybe your dog is learning the
sport of agility or you’re learning his sport with nose work, either way you have to work as a team to achieve
success. We have to learn each other’s language. I like to teach with these goals in mind and, most of all, have
About me
I’ve had a passion for dogs all my life, but my greatest passion is the world of dog sports. I met Ann in 2010 at
Cleverk9, then on Cross street in Lakewood, she took me to a higher level than I ever thought possible. I now
regularly train and compete in agility, obedience, and rally. I have two Pyrenean shepherd’s, Rio and Grace.
Rio and I were awarded Overall High in Performance in 2016 at our national specialty, which is held once a
year. In 2018 at the national specialty Rio was high in trial in obedience. We competed in the 2013 agility
nationals in Harrisburg, PA. Rio and I also have our fourth masters agility championships under our belt.
Grace was high in performance at the 2019 national specialty. Competing and qualifying in three different
events, rally, obedience, and agility.
Helping others learn comes natural to me. Every team is different and I teach that way.
I spend my free time with family and friends.  I’m the president of Island Beach Civic Association, an active
boating community and  I enjoy cruising the Toms River in my classic boat.
Eileen Hines

I have been training and competing with my dogs for over 30 years.  It all started with my first dog “Bridget”,
when I signed up for dog obedience training at a local club.  All I was hoping for was a dog that listened and
came to me when I called her.  This turned into competing and earning multiple titles in Obedience, Rally
and Agility.  My hope in teaching classes is to give dog owners the same great experience of the enjoyment
of living with a well behaved dog