Ann has 28 years of experience training dogs for Obedience and  16 years for
Agility competitions.  Ann previously was a professional horse trainer and competed
successfully in ‘three day events’.  Ann now devotes her full energy to dog training

Ann has a Bachelors degree in Equine Studies from Centenary College (Hackettstown,
New Jersey), SHe has studied teaching Equitation, show jumping, dressage,
combined training, and the training of ‘green’ and ‘problem’ horses.

Ann draws upon her equine experience and training for her canine training programs.

Ann’s dog training classes combine positive reinforcement, compulsion, attention
games, and relationship building to train both dog and handler.   Ann enjoys working
with students and dogs to develop common understanding and goal orientation.  Ann
believes that patience builds stronger relationships between dog and handler. With
this better relationship both become better competitors and dogs become more
thoughtful pets.  Ann Believes you should be the pack leader in your relationship with
your dog

Ann understands the challenges of ‘traditional’ and ‘non traditional’ training and their
application to re-directing the ‘problem dog’.  Ann’s experience  with "special"
training needs,  includes achieving Obedience, Rally and Agility titles with a rescued
greyhound, a rescued flat coated retriever, and a border collie with Addison’s

Ann’s students have achieved 1000
's of  titles, countless placements and wins in
agility, rally, and obedience and High in trials and High combined.  Ann’s dogs have
also achieved countless obedience, rally and agility titles, ‘High in Trials’, 1st places,
and national tournament placements including:

1995  Gaines Central Regional 7th Place Open
1995  World Series Open 6th Place
1997  Pupperoni Eastern Regional 3rd Place Utility
2010 All Star Obedience Open 6th Place
2015 AKC Obedience Classic Utility
2016 AKC Obedience Classic Open 8th Place
2017 AKC Obedienc Classic Open 6th Place
2018 AKC RAlly Nationals Excellent 6th Place

2018 AKC Obedience Classic Utility 4th Place

2011 Steeplechase Finalist USDAA Northeastern Regional 4th place
2011 Steeplechase Semi finalist USDAA Nationals 12 inch Louisville
2011 Steeplechase Semi finalist USDAA Nationals 22 inch Kentucky
2011 Grandprix Semi finalist USDAA Nationals 12 inch, Kentucky
2011 AKC Invitational Semifinalist Orlando Florida
2012 Eastern Regional Finalist Steeplechase and Grandprix
2012 Steeplechase Semi finalist USDAA Cynosports World Games 22
inch class, Colorado
2012 AKC Nationals 12 inch competitor, Tulsa Oklahoma
2012, 2013, 2014,  AKC Invitational Competitor, Orlando Florida
2013 AKC Nationals 12 inch and 20 inch Competitor, Harrisburg PA
2014 AKC Nationals 20 inch Competitor , Reno Nevada
2015, 2016, 2017,
2018 AKC Nationals 20 inch Competitor,
2012 USDAA Cynosports World Games Semin finalist , Kentucky
2013 USDAA Cynosports World Games Semi-Finalist Steeplechase.  
Murfreeboro Tennessee
2014 USDAA Cynosports World Games Semi-Finalist steeplechase and
Grandprix Denver Colorado and 2017 Murfeeboro TN
2015, 2017 USDAA Cynosports Word Games Semi-Finalist
SteepleChase and Grand prix , Murfeeboro Tennesse
2015 USDAA Cynosports World Games 1st Place Perfomance Snooker
20 inch

2017 USDAA Cynosport World Games

Ann's Current competition dog is Blink.  He is a son to her dog Ty and
the father of her up and coming Puppy Rain.  Blink is currently working
on his OTCH.  He has his UDX, OM2 and RE titles.  He has numerous
High in Trials and High Combined.  He has shown at several National
Competitions, always placing,  Classic Open 8th,  Classic Open 6th,
Classic Utility 4th and 10th at the NATIONAL OBEDIENCE

Her First Dog ,  Golden Retriever  , Ben  got her started in the sport .  She took
him From Novice A to UDX with multiple high in trials, 1st places and National
Tournament placements.

Her 2nd dog,border collie Ricochet retired (with Addisons Disease) from obedience
competitions after competing at the UDX level in Obedience, Excellent Level in Rally
and Excellent level in Agility.  (Ricochet passed away in Fall of 2008)

her border collie Ty
is 15 now and retired. he retired at the Masters level in agility
and the
UDX level in Obedience.   In 2008 Ty  earned his UKC CD  in 3 shows with
a 196.5,  199, and 198 , two firsts and Two High in Trials . Ty earned his AKC CDX
in 3 shows and 2 first places in 2009. He earned his UD  in 2012 and his UDX  He is
e Had countless High in Trial and High combined.  He loved showing and competed
at numerous National competitions in obedience, rally and agility

Before receiving an injury in March of  2009, Ty Finished his AX and AXJ and MXF
.  Ty came back out at the end of  2010 and earned his MX, MXJ and placed 6th
at the All Star Tournament in Open Obedience.  He  is currently  working on his
MACH and OTCH.  Ann and  Ty also compete in USDAA agility.  They have earned
their AD , AAD , and MAD and are working on their ADCH.. Ty has also earned the
Tournament Bronze Masters title. They were Seminfinalists in Steeplechase  for the
USDAA Agility Nationals in October of 2011 and 2012 and 2013
, 2014 AND 2017

Ann Also compete
d with a Swedish Valhund named Wolf.  l.  Ann and Wolf were 4th
place Semi finalists at the USDAA Northeast Regionals 2011.  They were
semifinalst in steeplechase and Grand Prix at the  USDAA nationals in October 2011
.  Wolf
was #3 in the country in Agility for Valhunds and competed at the AKC
Invitational in December 2011. He was #2 in 2012 and again competed at
Invitationals.  He finished his MACH in 2013

Ann's next Dog is Ruby, a rescue Border collie.  She is
10 years old rescue who is a
MACH 2 and ADCH  
 She competed in 2014 at the AKC Nationals and has qualfied
and gone almost every year since. Ruby is now semi reitired playing agility in the 16
inch class.

Ann And Flat coated Retriver Seeker finished their CDX, NAJ, and OA in 2009 with
multiple first places.  In 2010 they finished their OAJ and U-CDX.
 He had to be
retired due to a heart condition
and has since passed.

Ann’s other titled dogs  includes training and showing of a golden retriever , Belgian
Malinois,  greyhound , Swedish Valhund and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  

Ann resides in  New Jersey with her husband Mike, who also trains canine athletes,
and their two children Kyle, age 21, and Kaitlyn, age
20. Kyle previously competed
at the Excellent  level in  Agility with his 7 year old Belgian Malinois, Dash.  They
won the 24 inch division at the first ever AKC Junior Competition at the 2011 AKC
Invitational and Won Novice level with BC Whim.  Kaitlyn took 3rd place  at the
same event with Chancy in the 8 inch division.  She finished his MACH in 2013.  
Kaitlyn can be seen running agility at the  Masters level with her , Border collie
Flip.  K
yle and his Border collie Leia compete at the masters level and have been to
numerous world international tryouts.  
 Ann's Husband Mike competes at the
masters level with his  border collie Whim  .  Dog showing is truly a family Affair in
the Scipko household.  The rest of the Scripko family includes
2 horses, a mini horse
and mini donkey.

When Ann is not teaching, she enjoys her free
time with her husband …and  with
her kids…training her own dogs…….. and
riding her horse.
About Ann Marie Scripko
The Dog who started it all....BEN