Breed Show Handling
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Show Handling

Drop In’s are Welcome  $20 per dog

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Mondays drop in class $20 per dog per class

6:15-7:15 pm  Breed Show Handling w/ Carol Shields

7:15-8:15 pm  Breed Show Handling w/ Carol Shields

Refund Policy:
There are no refunds after a class has started.  Reactive dogs will be removed from
group classes without a refund and must sign up for private lessons before going back to
group classes .  There are no refunds or credits if you miss a class.  As a courtesy, you
can make up a missed class during the same session only, for a class of the same level,
with instructor approval, if time and space permit.  .  There is a $15 fee for returned

No reactive dogs will be permitted in group classes.   They must start out in private
lessons first.
Congrats Carol!